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Our Mission

As a Solid Waste Management District, we are to assure there is sufficient capacity available to dispose of local waste and to implement programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle 50% of the waste that is generated by local businesses and residents. We are also required to ensure that 90% of the county residents have access to recycling, or to provide data that 25% (or more) of residents are actually participating in recycling programs.

The Darke County Solid Waste District (SWD), which serves the entire county, promotes recycling, waste reduction and responsible disposal of all waste from households, businesses and industry. One of 52 solid waste districts in Ohio, Darke County SWD is responsible for implementing a solid waste district plan which the Darke County Board of Commissioners, political subdivisions and Ohio EPA approved in July 2015. At this time the district is the process of updating the current plan.

A $8 per ton solid waste generation fee funds the District. The fee is collected whenever waste originating from Darke County is deposited in Ohio landfills. This $8 fee is used to run the district's many recycling programs.

The Board of Commissioners appoints the Darke County SWD Policy Committee which consists of a county commissioner designee, township designee, general interest representative, largest municipality representative, local health district representative, public sector representative and an industrial generator representative. 


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